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Default 1980 Volvo 245

This car may look a bit familiar to some as it was Andrew Nance's old wagon (picture shamelessly stolen from his for-sale ad).

I was initially looking at it as a transmission donor for my 240 Turbo project, but I ended up liking this car more and started to drive it a lot. Then on Halloween, the timing belt failed and while I clutched out and coasted the car to the shoulder; the engine was dead with a horrific rod knock. Joy.

So now its a project. The engine from my turbo in addition to Megasquirt and a few other goodies will slowly be swapped in over the next few months. My goal is to keep it stock-ish for now since I'm still in graduate school - but to add more performance and fun as time/budget will allow.

The longer term goal will involve building it up to something that I can take to track and have fun with. I've got a T5 core to rebuild and some plans for suspension that will make it more amusing. But the primary goal is to get the engine swap complete, get it running and then have fun with it.

My 122 also needs something to keep it company;

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Cool cars, was Andrew look forward to the post.
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