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Default Correct A/C Receiver Drier / Accumulator for 1993 945T?

I ordered a Nissens drier for my 1993 945 turbo. It looked great until right before I went to install it. I discovered that the little nipple on the side, where the low pressure switch screws on, is wrong. It should be a male thread, but the one I got from Rock Auto is a female thread with a quick connect on the outside.

The strange thing is, the photo on the Rock Auto site shows the correct nipple that I need. I ordered and received Nissens part # 95165. Here's the photo of the item from their website:

That shows the fittings that I need, so something must have changed on Nissens' end, or this one got the wrong fitting or wrong sticker put on.

I could just buy the Volvo part, but it pains me to spend $75+ on a part that is less than $25 from Nissens. Rock Auto has other options, but most of them show the small nipple covered with a cap. Not that I can trust the pictures, I guess.

The GPD and the Four Seasons options are the only ones showing the nipple that I need.

Should I order another Nissens to see if a second one is correct, order a GPD or Four Seasons one, order a Volvo one, or do something else?

Has anyone changed a 940 drier recently and can vouch for a correct part?

1996 855 R (red) 218k miles
1993 945 T (white) 207k miles
1993 244 (black) 264k miles
1992 244 (blue) 260k miles
1958 444 (jalopy)
1988 245 DL (tan) 221k (sold)
1978 245 (white) 200k (sold)
1990 244 (red) 241k (parted and sold)
1991 944 GLE (black) 194k (parted and crushed)
1988 745 (green) 260k (parted and crushed)
1975 245 (white) 75k (parted and crushed)

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