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Old 08-11-2017, 11:59 PM   #51
Jimmy E. James
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Originally Posted by dfk View Post
FPR is not ruptured, though you can smell the very faint smell of gas at the vacuum line although the line is clear of gas
It's not difficult to diagnose a no start over the internet - I used to do it every other night on the telephone long distance - driveabilties too - difference was, those people listened


If you have all 3 of those at the right place and the right time your car will run

You eliminated two of those as the cause for the "no start" in your first post when you stated that the car WOULD RUN if you provided FUEL

So, what does that tell you? Where would you think the problem is?

Also, still waiting to hear back from you on if you have CONFIRMED INJECTOR PULSE

NO STARTS ARE NOT DIFFICULT TO NAIL DOWN - I'll take a "no start" over an intermittent issue any day of the week

There is no need in people giving you good advice if you are either going to just ignore it or already have it in your mind to do other things

STOP GUESSING and asking random "could this be it" questions and follow up on the suggestions you have been given - follow a logical process of elimination (by actually checking and testing) - you'll find the cause if you do

The deal with the MAF was pure coincidence and NO, A CTS IS NOT going to be causing you this

On a side note, whether it's the direct cause or just a contributing factor, or not, if you can smell fuel out of the vacuum line for the CPR then you need to replace the CPR

It is bad

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Old 08-18-2017, 11:35 PM   #52
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Problem has been found, turned out I had the CTS plugged into the knock sensor and vice versa, silly mistake.
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