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Default 1987 volvo 744 turbo m46 issues

so my car is acting funny. car did not start i thought fuel pump or fuel pump relay, both are fine. then i inspect the radio suppression relay and the wiring had intermittent connection, turns out that is my problem, my mechanic simply used some kind of adhesive to hold the four connections going into the suppression relay in place.
i drove the car about 30 miles and on the way back home it started stalling out on me and eventually died. i popped the hood and moved the suppression relay around and it starts right up, close the hood and car dies LOL. very sensitive/crappy wiring related to the suppression relay. i heard bypassing does more harm than good so im looking for some kind of solution, electricals is not my strong suit

fuel pump relay does not get hot i think it works fine, but why would my "K" relay be getting extremely hot? and could it affect other relays/other components of the car?

who is in the 07626 area and wants to drink beers and help me lol? im tired of intermittent electrical issues
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If something is getting crazy hot you should start checking for good grounds.

Don't park your car someplace where the car fire will cause damage. You can read about my Volvo lighting on fire in my driveway if you search my old posts.
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What you do is replace the wires with donor wire terminals from the junkyard or new ones. IPD sells them. Not cheap, but cheaper than a tow. Or maybe a member with harnesses laying around could sell you some.
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Aaron, you have the infamous biodegradable harness in that car, has it ever been replaced? We should compare 740's mine is mostly original and unmolested...
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It's not crappy EcoWiring thing, for some reason rubber grommets holding female terminals inside RSR connector eventually turn to dust and wires start falling out, shorting on the chassis and other fun stuff, leprechauns not excluded.

Either pull the wire out and wrap that bullet connector a couple of times in electrical tape than put it back in the connector so it stays where it's supposed to or just get new terminals, watching your car not burning to the ground is pretty satisfactory.
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