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Default NEW panhard rod mount,chassis side..

Has anyone had any experience welding in a new chassis side mount? I'm guessing everything has to come out... gas tank,diff.... and all the little bits and pieces .. if anyone has done or gotten one replaced/upgraded please share your experience , any tips tricks or just heads up will be appreciated thank you!!! 90' 245, and a 92 245, trying to keep them both but not sure what to do... the 92 got drifted into a curb at 35mph and this is my dilemma...
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Haven't looked all that close, but I bet if you shielded things and used TIG you wouldn't need to remove everything?
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Just MIG it together and hope the fuel tank doesn't explode
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The panhard rod bracket is part of a frame cross member. It's still available new from Volvo, but it ain't cheap.


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