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The MP
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Originally Posted by EivlEvo View Post
Good times dudes.
Originally Posted by mavawreck View Post
Thanks for hosting!
Originally Posted by J_Jones View Post
Thank you for having us over and for lunch, it's been too long since I got to hang out with other car people. Whenever you are ready to work on something else, just let me know!
Nice meeting all of you.

Originally Posted by golgothan View Post
Absolutely, and thanks for having us all.
Good seeing you again, sorry for the brain fade.

Originally Posted by boostdemon View Post
thanks to these guys and J_Jones specifically, the 745 started and drove into the other garage bay all under its own power! And EivlEVO fixed my bicycle too!

Great fun. Glad to meet everyone and eat some burgers. We definitely need to do this more often.
I held it up by the lack of a seat. Credit where due.

Thanks for hosting. That was a tasty burger.
Originally Posted by 4x4_Welder View Post
You have some very specific issues.
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creative mastermind
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So i'll keep working on cleaning up the garage, moving furniture around, getting cars and boats washed and we'll do some more jackassery with the 745 or the 242. Maybe in a month or so.

"Flathood" Owners | Motorcyclists | Guitarists
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F*ck Edgar
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Hate I missed it. Hope some of y'all make it down to SE.
Originally Posted by turbotankshane View Post
If its a solid stage 0, +t it. If it aint, +t it anyway.
Originally Posted by linuxman51 View Post
easiest way to run 11's is to build a 9 second car and turn it down a little.
My Project (It's a 1979 244DL...sort of.)
K-Jet to Megasquirt Article

The Departed: 1981 245, 1983 245 Turbo, 1983 244 Turbo, 1983 242 Turbo, 1984 244, 1985 245 Turbo,
1989 244, 1989 765, 1990 245 Turbo, 1991 244, 1992 245, 1997 855
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Yeah I'm pretty much around... I'm just sitting over here looking at megasquirt and whiteblocks now lol.
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