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Default T5 Flywheel/Clutch Options

Hello all!

I have a 1993 245 with a B230, presently an automatic (AW70). I'm in the process of swapping to a T5 from a '94 Mustang (I'm aware that the input shaft is longer, I machined my own adapter to compensate). I have a B230F, IPD Turbo cam, turbo setup from a 1990 740 (Mitsubishi 13c), and a Megasquirt 2. This setup is dialed in reasonably well. Target is 300-350 lb-ft at most.

I have everything lined up for the manual swap, except for the flywheel and clutch. Now, I'm aware that I have a few options here. I'm not particularly bent on requiring the use of a dog-dish flywheel and retaining the 60-2 crank sensor. I'm already running aftermarket EMS, so I have no problem switching to a front mount trigger wheel.

Are there any benefits to one flywheel over the other, other than mass? Is there a difference in pressure plate availability? Is one pressure plate stiffer than the other, or is it a wash on the torque holding front?

In short, if you had the option to pick flat or dog dish, what would you pick?
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Hey man, I sent ya a PM.

One of the main benefits of the flat flywheel over the dogdish flywheel would be that the flat flywheel is considerably lighter. I have read that some people report the flat to be able to withstand more power/abuse, although others would have to confirm that as fact.
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I am running an STS flyhweel setup for LH 2.4 and want to say it is down around 20ish lbs. I have it setup with a southbend ceramic clutch and SAAB Viggen PP. Southbend says I should be good to 400-450 ft/lbs which is more than I should ever need.

If I did it again. I would go with a less aggressive clutch from southbend, but over all I am very happy with the setup.
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@VeroDubs...did you have to specifically request the Saab PP dowel / bolt pattern on your flywheel?
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