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Default instructions on how to manual swap 1990 Volvo 740 gl NA

I'm trying to swap the AW71 in my 740 for a M46, only because I want a manual. I am a complete novice and am trying to find some instructions that are very clear and easy to understand. does anyone have any resources for how to actually do this? thank you.
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It's been covered on this board. Did you try searching?
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how psi a stock can support?
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Mr. V
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It's a difficult job for a competent shade tree mechanic.

If you're a complete novice I'd suggest not undertaking it.

Last thing you want is to find yourself part way through and unable or unwilling to finish.

Might be better to sell your current car and buy a car with a manual.

Just sayin'.
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Essentially what you need to do, give or take.
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Originally Posted by supreme940 View Post

Essentially what you need to do, give or take.
Not one mention of a hole saw in there. Sounds like most of the pain is in the wallet.
That said, I would not attempt this as a novice at all. There are too many things that can go wrong. Seriously bad things. Develop skills working on things that don't have to withstand the full power of the car first. Or a bunch of pounding the crap out of drivetrain components while laying underneath it. You'll also accumulate most of the tools you'll need in the course of less complex work on the car. At minimum, learn everything you possibly can about your car and about the cars that you think you can grab components from.
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Your car should have a plate on the firewall where the hydro master goes. I don't believe later cars had the stamping for a cable clutch however.
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Step one: Cut a hole on the box!

Step two: Put your junk in that box!
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I'm almost finished with my manual swap on my 240 and that was a pretty big pain in itself. Mostly because I had to work outside in the cold on the ground. If you have a lift it could be easier but I would also stick with the aw71 in your 740. It is a strong transmission. Being a 1990 your 740 most likely has Regina/Rex system which requires a different flywheel for the manual as well. When my 92 740's auto died I looked into doing the manual swap but decided against it because there were too many things that could go wrong on a car that I wanted to be reliable.

If you want the car to be a bit more fun I highly recommend ipd sways and the chassis brace. Refresh your suspension and it is an entirely different car.
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