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Default What the Heck is Going on? 81 Volvo 242 WILL NOT SPARK HELPPPPPP PLEASE

Please need some guidance.. 81 volvo 242 W/ B21F MPG . Chrysler ignition. 110K HELP PLEASE 81 242 B21-9/MPG HAS NO SPARK Trying to find out whats wrong . Have read everything I can find related to this issue. PARTS I have replaced ICU mod.and harness,rotor,cap, plug wires, spark pickup inside dist. rotor is turning. coil measures primary 1.3 ohm/ secondary 10.5/ checked white/red wire from icu to #1 on dist its good. checked for voltage at icu green /blue Yes. same at Dist plug both sides .cleaned and checked wires to and at coil/ starter/ micro switch/ ignition switch back. fuse panel and fuses. Any ideas? Thank You
Other coil dont know so I bought a new coil. Still no spark. batt volts. 12.54 -- With key on white/red #1 at coil 11.28. #15 at coil 11.28.-- unplug wire from #1 at coil then # 15 has .01 reading.--- Female end of plug at dist. ign. on point A yellow wire 12.44 volts. -- Point B green wire 12.44 volts -- Point C Black 12.38 Volts..-- Wires at ICU with plug still plugged in green wire 12.44 Volts. large black 12.38 volts. yellow 12.42 .small black 12.37 .orange 12.37. I have tried 3 different ICU units. all are within a small % readings of the next . Have tired 3 spark modules no change. 4 coils no change. .. Not even a tiny spark at the female end at dist at any of the 3 points connectors even with the tiniest of wire. Should there be voltage at # 15 with key on or off With Wire at # 1 disconnected? Wires to starter then to Dist.One diagram shows blue/ yellow --brown on eng. side . then which side goes to coil? then the next diagram for the same model shows a blue wire also to starter . but does not show clearly which goes here. Also is it possible that a wire in the back side of ignition switch is in the wrong hole. It cranks fine aqnd all the dash lights work with key in two positions. Any Ideas> Thank You .
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