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How it going guys, my name is Robert.

I picked up a '91 240 (NA, automatic) back in October, and I've been lurking around the boards here ever since.

It's my first Volvo and I've been loving it. I'd had my eye on a 240 for a while after I crashed my '04 Forester; 240s are all over the place here in Seattle. I'd done my shopping around and then, by serendipity, we got one on a trade in at the dealership I work at and I picked it up for $1k.

It's in great condition, 115k miles, stock as the day it was sold (except the JVC receiver the previous owner installed), and has been garaged for most of the last 10 years. Aside from some baked on sap, the paint is good and I'll get around to giving it a clay bar and wax sooner or later.

Did the timing belt, spark plugs and wires that desperately needed to be done when I bought it. This weekend it's getting new control arms with poly bushings, billy touring class struts, and IPD Sport springs. And it'll get a new transmission mount, though I'm going the diesel engine mount route after some research.

You guys are an entertaining crowd, and I figured it's time to get involved.

The Burgundy Brick

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Welcome to the family and hello from Oregon! Excited to see more of your car and your posts around here. The diesel motor mounts are worth it, running them on my car. Get actual Volvo mounts though; seem to hold up better and less prone to failing prematurely.
Originally Posted by 87_240TURBO View Post

-My car: White 1991 244, 308k miles. B230F LH2.4, AW70, R134a retro. Thrush glasspack, anthracite refinished Coronas
-Wife's car: White 1990 244DL, T cam, 190k miles.B230F LH2.4, AW70 w/aux cooler, Duracool AC w/condenser fan, purple refinished Virgos, tow hitch, ipd wagon overload springs.
-PSM 2002 Subaru WRX wagon: 120k miles, Perrin TBE, Perrin turbo inlet, intake, and Y-pipe, GrimmSpeed cross pipe.
Rebuilding EJ207 shortblock to swap in this summer.
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Thanks! Pretty excited to see quite a few active members from the northwest, hopefully we'll run into each other at some meets.

Unfortunately I had a hell of a time getting the diesel mount in place of the transmission mount, it's just that few mm thicker. if you have any tricks let me know. Glad i decided to get the stock trans mount just in case, that one bolted in easy.

Debating on starting a projects/restoration thread because I'll be doing a lot of upgrades on this car coming up. No major overhaul or anything, but is that appropriate?
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