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Default 960 Door locks on a 7-series

I know this may seem a little odd, but it will make a little more sense. Many of you have swapped your wagons over to the smooth style 960/V90 liftgate handle. Well, as you may know, the lock cylinders will NOT swap over, so you can either not have a lock back there, or if you gut it, then it'll work but it'll work with ANY key. Well, that's simply not acceptable.

So here's the deal...

Find yourself a 960 with a full set of cores and a key (V90 may be the same, front lock cores are different, dunno if the linkage is the same or not). If you have a sedan, grab the trunk lock and doors. Wagon grab the doors, liftgate, and cargo cover locks. You can figure out the R&R for the cores, it's way simple. When it comes to the liftgate, the core will already be in it and working, so that's not an issue at all. Follow the normal instructions for that swap. Cargo cover is a 30 second swap. Not sure on the trunk lock, you're on your own for that one.

Now, when it comes to the front doors there is a compatibility issue with the different cores. Fitment is fine, but the linkage setup is different. If you swap it in you will end up with about 15* total movement in the key to get you full lock/unlock movement, which makes it VERY finicky. It works, but...

The reason for this is the 7-series allows for movement at the lock core, where the 960 allows for movement at the latch. Latches are different as well, so your options are limited.

So, take your lock cores and set them side by side. As you can see, they are indeed different. Pull the snap rings off both cores, pull the linkage plate off (be careful of the spring, it will try and spring off if you're not careful).

Next you will need to either make or buy (assuming you can buy one, I opted for making one) a key. Slide the linkage plate from the 7xx core onto the shaft from the 960 core and you will see a keyway in each core. Because they flipped which one has the keyway, this allows you to just make a key instead of anything more difficult.

Once you have your keyway made, install it into the slot between the plate and the core. I only used one keyway for now, not sure on longevity yet but I will let you guys know if it fails. If you are concerned, you can make a keyway for the other side as well. Keep in mind these parts do mot move independent of each other, so it's simply preventing movement, on a part with minimal loading.

Reinstall the circlip, placing the solid part of the clip over your key.

Install the lock core as you normally would, and test that everything works. If you did it right, you're all set. If not, well, that's on you.
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The alternative way of doing it is to use a 940 handle which is the same shape as a 960 handle but unpainted. I plastic primed and painted this one so the car kept its original key that does both door and ignition when I fitted the smooth door handles. Only after I colour changed a V90 handle because I hadn't realised the lock barrels were different though......

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that may be a uk thing. even Justin's 95 940 had the old square style handle until I grabbed a v90 handle for him.
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