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Uncle G
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Default how to shrink leather? (r-sport momo steering wheel)

I have a 3 spoke volvo momo steering wheel, im sure u all know which one I mean. Its a bit worse for wear, and doesnt look the part in my otherwise pretty neat 240.

I will be trying to re-cover it myself using black leather. i figure, may aswell give it a go, worst case scenario, i stuff up, ill just have to get it done by a pro. Id be doing this anyways if I didnt try it myself.

ANYWAY, after reading lots of tutorials n vids n stuff, I am curios as to if there is anyway to shrink leather once it is sewn on? would any of this work.

-realllyyyyyy slightly wet the leather as I am sewing it on, and hope that it shrinks when it drys

-hair dryer the sh*t out of it once it is on

any help would be much appreciated
just so ur not so bored, heres a pic of the wheel.
[IMG] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/IMG]
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