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Default 2005 xc70 engine skipping

I am having issues with my 2005 xc70 with 170,000. When driving at steady speeds like holding at 40mph or 70mph, you feel a slight skip. You feel it in the seat of your pants. Not a major skip like I used to have. I have changed the plugs with Volvo plugs, changed all coil packs with Bosch coil packs. This made a major difference in how the car ran, but, I still have a slight skip, and its annoying. The pcv system and throttle body have been cleaned within the last year. About 6 months ago I had a check engine light that was for mass air flow sensor. My garage cleaned the maf and cleared the code and I have not had a check engine light since. Any ideas what could be causing my skip? Any help is really appreciated. I don't want to take it to Volvo to be checked, but it may come down to that.
1996 850 turbo wagon.Totally stock.
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