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Default Master key cut from vin#

Anyone able to get the key code to get a new master key cut? Car is a 91 240. Thanks!
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Take your vin and proof of ownership to the dealer and they will cut you a new key.
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27 bucks last year, got it in 48h. It will be the small head 740 style though. Done in NJ likely.
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Dammit, Lummert.
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Well keep us updated on how your dumbass plan goes.
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GTJordan works at a dealership.

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Folks on here don't know a good deal when they see it.
how psi stock cna support?

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Or you could PM Ansel+. He works at Jim Fisher Volvo. In the parts department.


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Just to let you know.

I tried to order a key for my 240 via VIN, and it showed up just as a blank, and had to be cut by a key cutter locally.

I'm not sure if that was just on the lazy part of my parts department.

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I called my local dealer on the phone (I have no relationship with them). The gave me the key code over the phone, I took that to a closer locksmith, and had a key in 10 minutes.

Worked perfectly 1st time.
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