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Mr. V
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Default 244 clutch adjustment problem

'82 244 Turbo with OEM clutch cable, replacement Sachs clutch some time ago.

Trying to adjust it so the pick up point is midway in pedal travel, but it always seems to pickup at the very bottom of the pedal, not up higher.

Tried loosening the barrel adjuster (thus shortening the cable) but I soon run out of free play.

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My turbo never had an issue with this but my wagon releases close to the floor. I adjusted the cable so there is very minimum free play of like 1mm at the release arm and then installed a return spring like the older cars used. Seemed to help a bit.

The release arm can bend over the years and I'm thinking this may the the issue with the wagon. I forgot to check it last time I did the clutch. When I watch the operation of the release arm it starts from the middle of the opening to move the clutch. Next clutch job I will address this. Hopefully it will last awhile till I need to do it. lol. Also check the pedal for wear where the cable attaches.
1982 242 turbo. 340k miles. Good stuff and lots of rust.
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On my 1987 740, the clutch pedal grab kept getting lower and lower. I’d adjust it up, and over a week or two it’d start dropping again. Finally the bracket that holds the clutch cable at the firewall inside the engine bay bent, and put a fist sized hole in the firewall. I had to make a bracket that was larger than the hole. Might be worth checking where the cable enters the engine bay
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