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Originally Posted by Harlard View Post
Big variable I was ignoring. Thank you for the clarification!
No worries! We talk colloquially in boost pressures of course, but that reduced ambient inlet air pressure at higher elevations makes it necessary to run at a higher pressure *ratio* to achieve the same outlet boost pressure. Speed is directly proportional to pressure ratio for the majority of a compressor map unless you're really far over to the right, approaching choke. It starts to get really interesting when you look at what's happening with a turbo system at Pikes Peak...

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Default 0-60 test runs

Despite a bad case of the boost creeps, I took it out to my secret test location in Mexico for some 0-60 test runs. I've been using this app, or a similar one like it for quite a while with my cars. I wish I had all the timeslips together somewhere, but phones change, apps deprecate. I do have a few screenshots like this from over the years.

A couple of 5 second 0-60 times. That probably puts me on track with modern Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys.

Here was one from my 244 that died and gave many parts to this red wagon. It was an 8v turbo with uSquirt and e85 tune. Baseline test when it was no-turbo.

And after the turbo e85 conversion.

This chunky Superfridge has got some moves. It looks promising, and it might have a little growing room still.
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needs squeeze
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Now with in-house Dyno tuning!

Megasquirt Tuning!
Plug and play LH 2.4 Megasquirt, now with stealth mode!
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faster than you think
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Haha. Antilag juice, Indeed. It doesn't have enough traction today on the street tires. But that does help get these cars up on the converter. 1st gear is a fine pedaling exercise once the boost hits.
Originally Posted by linuxman51 View Post
needs squeeze
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