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Originally Posted by Sjeng View Post
The mitsu turbo was better from 2000-3000rpm, after that it's a whole different story.
Cool, thank you! Sounds like the 18t will do for now
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Originally Posted by The_Geoffrey View Post
Like the look of the Viking Fabrications stuff, love the idea of bringing the turbo forward in the bay, be interesting to see what effect extending the manifold to the turbo has on performance though.
With that said, they sure seem to like them 90 degree bends
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Originally Posted by Sjeng View Post
No downsides really, it is a good turbo and I had plenty of fun with it. However the holset really woke the car up, the useable powerband actually got wider with it, way more torque at high engine speeds.

The mitsu turbo was better from 2000-3000rpm, after that it's a whole different story.

I disagree with the remark that mitsu's are more satisfying to (daily) drive than a decent turbo in 50-54mm range. Maybe the case with an automatic transmission, but certainly not with a manual trans. I guess it's subjective as well.
The small frame turbos like the mitsus work well on a more efficient setup like a whiteblock, they have great mid-range but suck on the top end. The TD04 turbine is tiny for something that you want to perform. Even in the whiteblock world that turbo is the primary reason those engines don't live up to their full potential and bend rods constantly. TD04's, K24s, etc etc are like a safety blanket for the volvo community, its like what everyone gravitates towards because people are 1 cheap, and 2 lagphobic. In the fwd world most people won't run anything else.

You said 3-400. By that I'm assuming you didn't mean just under 300? Because thats what an 18T will net you, realistically much less. Stick with some variation of a t3/t4 or a holset or something in that range. It will get you comfortably to your goals and have decent spool and pull all the way to redline without dropping boost like a proper turbo car should.
Originally Posted by TestPoint View Post
The D24 did not accelerate, it accumulated speed.
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I have a holset hre351 with the 3.5” adapter for downpipe if you want to make some power. You’ll need an external gate but that’s no big deal. $300 with the ride as long as you’re in the lower 48.

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