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142 Guy/Sksmith: is there any guidance on how to make your own. I want to leverage others work. And dont have time to go at it alone. Im interested in:

Is Someone doing milled plates for 140’s
What Gauges work well with stock sensors/sending units
Turn signal lights
Idiot lights
72 Volvo 142E

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142 guy
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I fabricated a replacement blank dash insert from a couple of pieces of Baltic Birch plywood laminated together (1/4" I think). Baltic Birch is fine grained and dense and is typically used by cabinet makers for the sides and bottoms of drawers in custom cabinets. I used two pieces because you need the back piece which fits behind the dash panel and has the mounting ears and then the rectangular piece laminated to the front of the back piece to bring the panel flush to the front of the dash. I painted / sanded / painted (to fill the grain) the front face of the plywood black and then faced the whole thing with 1/8" acrylic. Drill holes with hole saws as required.

If you dislike the idea of birch plywood you could also use pieces of ABS. If you did black ABS that would eliminate the need to paint and would eliminate the need for the acrylic face piece provided you did not mess up the surface of the ABS during fabrication. 1/4" ABS can be a hassle to cut without the correct saw. ABS sheets are easily available from Amazon and other sources.
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Haven't built one, but hot rodders have been making gauge inserts since the beginning of time. Shouldn't be too difficult to find a "how-to" by googling.
Just a quick typing of "how to how to fabricate an instrument cluster" brought up several, such as below:
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