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Having played with the 4-bar reg myself, on my #65's, it does help. I also ran into hard starting issues with it, that were resolved with a 3-bar. The 4-bar also puts a good bit more load on the lines and pump, especially when you start running higher boost. For example, the 4-bar at 0psi is running the same pressure as a stock one at 15psi of boost. When you throw the same boost at a 4-bar, that puts the pressure up to around 75psi. In my case I'm running around 19-20psi, so that would have my fuel pressure right around 80psi. Stock pumps may not be real happy with that, especially on stock wiring.

My 65's were running around 75% DC at 18psi on pump gas, so I'm sure they are close to maxed on E85, with a solid tune.
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The Dodge Turbo FPR that I found is actually rated at 55 psi (3.8 Bar).
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Originally Posted by lummert View Post
The Dodge Turbo FPR that I found is actually rated at 55 psi (3.8 Bar).
That is the correct rating, but almost everyone calls it 4 bar out of ignorance/laziness.
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Ok... Perhaps I should clear things up a little.

I had done a bit of research a while ago. Long ago enough that I couldn't remember exactly where I saw the recommendation to use the 4 bar FPR.

In this case, my FPR went bad and started leaking fuel into the engine (the diaphragm had failed and the vacuum hose just sucked the fuel, which is already under pressure, into the manifold). So, in a quick fix I just grabbed a used one off of another engine I had around. Now that I had some time, I wanted to install a new FPR and figured that since I plan on adding a manual boost controller, wideband O2 sensor and gauge, bigger injectors, bigger intercooler, bigger turbo, etc... later on in the game, I'd get a higher rated FPR now since I was replacing it anyway. I know that it wouldn't give more power now with no other mods done, I just wanted to get the suggested part, since I needed to change it anyway.

I do not recall reading such strong opinions against such a mod in the original article. As it ends up, I just got a regular 3 bar FPR and haven't even installed it yet. I'll likely get to it once the weather gets warmer and I take the time to spend some time working on the car.

Thanks for some of the suggestions, opinions, and information. I appreciate those that took the time to help with my quest for information and I like some healthy 2-way discussion especially with those who have knowledge and experience. I said 'some of the suggestions' because I believe the thread got a bit off topic with some of the posts, but I don't have a problem with that.


BTW: Sorry for the late reply. As I said, I swapped in a used FPR and didn't end up getting the 4bar after all. I just didn't have the time to chime in earlier.
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