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Default Stroker cranks

Hey all,

I've just come across a website that sells stroker cranks for our redblocks and I'm curious as to why it seems that the Penta cranks that can stroke to 2.5 L are so coveted while there are new cranks that (at least from this source) that can stroke to over 3 L. The source I'm talking about is https://www.acm.se/en/category/volvo-b230-b234-2
Now it says that these cranks are for B230 motors so I guess my next question is that I thought the redblocks were generally the same across all iterations save for bore and squirters. So would these cranks fit into a B23?

ALSO...lol what would or could be the potential or drawback from stroking a redblocks, say the best prepped block with squirters? Is it feasible to go all out with the largest stroke from this source and still turbo with the degree of reliability that would come from the highest level of precision and proper tuning? Or is this just looking like a grenade of a 4 cylinder?

I believe they have pistons that suit 16v conversions as well.

I don't know **** here, what is the potential?
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We'll you can't swap out b23 and b230 cranks as they use different bearings I think. The way the volvo penta 2.5L cranks (86mm) work is the pistons have a shorter crown height to make up for the longer stroke. The rods are the same length as the regular b230 ones. Now for my 2.5L steel stroker boat crank race 16v turbo motor I got even longer then stock rods and custom 16v turbo wiesco pistons for longer then stock rods. The longer then stock rods they say less stress on the block or something or other. Pistons rock back and forth less. Basically you'd need the matching custom pistons to go with the custom crank stroke and rod length if you changed that. 80mm is stock 2.3L crank stroke. Usually you'd buy everything custom matched to what your crank and rod length is. So you'd need the crank, the rods, the pistons might as well get the billet steel crank gear. I did.

Get it balanced. The boat 2.5L crank I got was already balanced from the factory. It was perfect.

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