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Default (fixed) Wastegate actuator rod too long?

Okay, I ordered an ipd wastegate actuator since my old one was leaky and it's here and I'm trying to install it. The rod is a lot longer than the one that was on the car. Like, 1.5 - 2 inches longer.

Barring the rod difference, they look exactly the same. I believe the old one is the original T3 actuator (this is on a water cooled T3). The old rod was not cut, it still has the original machined end.

Am I going to run into trouble here? It looks like it's enough of a difference that the wastegate will be stuck fully open at all times. But I don't want to be stupid and trim down the rod and end up in a runaway boost situation either.

Anyone run into anything like this before?

Thanks in advance. And apologies for posting this twice, my other thread seems to have died out and I haven't gotten any replies to it in a while. I'm on a bit of a time crunch here.

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