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Exclamation Almost started 1985 240. B230 F

I put new plugs, new cap, new rotor,. I charged my battery. Yes the timing belt is correct and only 5000 miles old. New harmonic balancer.
I cranked it over and it ran for 3 seconds.
Then it died.
Friend said that the ignition will not work if the fuel pump does not work. I dont know.
The fuel pump makes a click noise when key turned on to the 1st position.
This car has a brand new engine wiring harness. Installed in 2010.
Parts shotgun in effect on this vehicle. Whenever I do work I always put on new parts.
Help give me ideas as to correct diagnosis. Friend said to buy new distributor/Hall sensor. These are about $1000 new. IPD does not carry them. I REALLY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DIAGNOSE BETTER!!!!
Thanks Orbitizer
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Your friend is almost correct. If the ignition doesn't work, the fuel pumps will not run. The ECU has to receive a signal from the ignition system in order to turn on the fuel pumps.
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get a spark tester
Originally Posted by lummert View Post
Dammit, Lummert.
Originally Posted by Jesse8931 View Post
Well keep us updated on how your dumbass plan goes.
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