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Default Not looking to reinvent the wheel here: 944T Engine build questions

I'm going to start by asking for suggestions and advice. I'm going to start off by saying that I haven't bought a boost controller yet and I'm leaning towards a EBC over a MBC. I know that a lot of people here have MBC's . I also know that there is a lot of information about which MBC to get in order to avoid boost spikes, etc. What I don't see discussed as much is Electronic Boost Controllers. I'm very interested because I don't mind paying a bit more once for what should last me the life of the car. I'm guessing that a lot of people would say why pay $300 more just to be able to push a button inside the car rather than turn a dial under the hood. I'll say that I"m not sure, but I really like the idea of being able to turn up or down the boost and see results right away without fiddling around (adjusting the MBC, driving around, re-adjusting the MBC, drive some more and then determine if it is where I want it or not). Who knows, maybe it's because I'm older than 50 and am willing to pay a bit more for what I like?


Down here will be the background, inventory, and overall goals:

I'm finally getting around to start playing with my 944T. I'd like more power and I have a pretty blank slate. So, I figured that I'd start by asking some basic engine build questions. I have a 1992 944T mostly bone stock. I also have a 1992 745T with a larger turbo, StealthFT rebuilt engine, and 2.5" exhaust (which I bought from the TB user 15A last year).

I recently ordered 2 KL Racing intercoolers with the silicone hose kits. I also recently came across a 531 head which I have at the machine shop getting the #4 exhaust port welded (corrosion) and then the exhaust ports machined flat again. Since I was already placing an order with KL Racing, I ordered a set of 38mm valves for the 531 head. I'm also in the proces of ordering a set of TLAO chips and a 2.5" TME exhaust. I'm also supposed to be buying a 1994 or 1995 940 from a local lady at the end of the month when her registration ends and she is moving over to a different car. I really want the later R134 AC system for my '92 944T. I'll likely be taking the squirter block and 21 gallon fuel tank as well.

Now, here is my thing, I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I'm sure plenty of others here have built fantastic cars and have developed some tried and true practices along the way. I'd be so very happy if some would share their experiences with me. I am 52 years old, so I am in a different financial situation than when I was younger. I do have some money to spend, but I use my car for a daily driver so I do not want to give up reliability and I do not want to make this into a race car (IE: keeping the a/c, engine smoothness, somewhat quiet, etc..). I'd love to hear about builds that are similar to what I'm looking for.

I'm unsure of my power goals at this point. Of course, I could always just add a boost controller and find that I'm happy. But, I think we all know that more power just makes you want more power. So, let's try and come up with a build that will meet my goals and whatever power that may be will be. I believe that there is a point where we hit diminishing returns and I want to skirt around those places. If XXX HP = $2,000, but XXX+20HP = $4,000 and sacrificing usability and reliability, I think I'll stick with the lower HP number.

So, what do you guys, at least those of you who are still bothering to read all of this crap, say?
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I'm really satisfied with my GFB G-Force 2 boost controller. A friend gave it to me for free and I wasn't planning on using it because I thought it was eBay tuner nonsense but it's a pretty effective and reliable piece with good documentation from the manufacturer. I made a small bracket that sandwiched between the airbox lid and MAF sensor to mount the solenoid. The unit itself is simple to mount (it fits in half of a DIN slot) and also functions as a calibrated boost gauge so you're not working in the dark. I have mine mounted under the driver's side knee bolster (so it isn't visible) but had it on the dash when I was setting the boost level I wanted. It also includes an overboost cut-off. The one thing I wish it had was knock sensor integration, like the Saab APC boost controllers that are likely near impossible to find now as the newest ones are some 25 years old.

I'm only 20, but my ideas about my car are similar in terms of drivability, reliability, and comfort. Like you said, it's not a race car. Operating the G-Force 2 is simple as long as you read the provided documentation and understand that it's regulating the rate at which pressure is bled off between the compressor housing and wastegate instead of regulating actual boost pressure itself. The stock camshaft makes the car extremely smooth and with your use case it seems like it would do you well to retain it, or possibly move to a well designed mild aftermarket TURBO SPECIFIC grind from ENEM, KG Trimning, or KL Racing in Sweden. I can't speak for ENEM but I know the other two are very helpful and it gets easier and easier to stomach the cost of overseas shipping by the day. Another thing I will say with regard to making power is that more head flow will raise the ceiling for "streetable" power significantly, particularly in a turbo car where any gains in that department will be compounded under boost.
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Why spend $300 on an EBC when you can get a standalone ECU which controls your boost for approximately the same money?
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I have saab apc systems laying around here
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