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Stephen staly
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Default 89 volvo trans swap need help

Hello everybody I have a 1989 Volvo 240 wagon it has the b230f motor. I got a 4-speed m46 transmission out of a 88 Volvo 740 that had a b230ft also kept the turbo manifold and whatnot. I want to put that transmission in my wagon and five speed swap it but nobody offers a flywheel for sale. I kept the flywheel off the other car but the crank angle sensor is on the side of the block and not on top of the bell housing. Does anybody possibly have a flywheel for this car I can use that has the crank angle sensor on the top. You cannot buy these anymore. I really really need this car to be manual I am not an automatic kind of guy and the car is in mint condition with no rust whatsoever and I would like to swap it to stick shift and drive it for years to come
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Redwood Chair
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You will need source a shorter 240 shifter cage & rod, also you'll need to knock out the thin bit of metal at the top of the 740 bell housing, then drill & tap your block for the crank position sensor, and use a 60--2 pattern flywheel.

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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
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how psi stock cna support?

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Some people have gotten flywheels machined to have the crank sensor holes. STS Machining does it with the earlier flat flywheels.


I had one on my '89 240. When combined with a better cam that thing rev'd very freely. It was a bit easier to stall though.

Since your car is an '89 I assume it has LH 2.4? In that case you shouldn't have to do anything to the engine block. Just modify the bell housing to have the correct notch for the sensor.
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Originally Posted by Stephen staly View Post
Does anybody possibly have a flywheel for this car I can use that has the crank angle sensor on the top. You cannot buy these anymore.
I have a spare LH2.4 flywheel for sale. Send me a message with an offer for one.
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