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Question 90 245DL - Not starting, neutral safety switch?

Here is the deal...

I turn the key, the cluster lights up but doesn't turn. I don't even hear any clicking. It's eerily similar to when I park the park in neutral only to come in the car the next day to start and nothing. Except now it is in park.


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Put a test lamp on the small wire to the solenoid. Does it illimate while key is in crank position?
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I have the EXACT same issue. Randomly I enter the car, insert the key, turn it. The idiot lights light, but there's no response from the starter. No click. Nothing.

I solve it by turning the steering wheel back and forth like a madman, flashing the hi-beams, and randomly poking the shift lock release, which I'm pretty sure has been broken for a long time. After a minute or so of this, it suddenly heals itself and will start.

In what may be unrelated news, my horn stopped working a year ago, and I haven't done anything about it. However, the fact that moving the steering wheel often (seems to?) solve the starting issue may be a clue pointing in that direction.

I'm eagerly awaiting responses to your question, because it's my question too. ZVOLV, when it stops pouring rain I am going to test the solenoid.
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No crank no start: how is the battery? Watch what he does in this video..it’s a very simple yet effective trick.
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Mine did this the other day.

Do you think it's worth it to put in a new Neutral safety switch or just bypass it/ short circuit it?
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Another test is a voltage drop test of the cables. I wouldn't wanna see more than 250 millivolts. Look up the process.
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