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Default Should fuel sender float ball have liquid in it?

I am replacing BOTH fuel pumps. Today I finally got the in tank fuel pump out. As I was cleaning it up and replacing the in tank fuel pump, I noticed that there was some sort of fluid in the little float ball (you know, like the one that is in your toilet). Is this supposed to be this way?
When I drive I notice that my fuel gauge reads full for a long time then suddenly goes low SUPER FAST! Is this the cause of this WIERDNESS?
Thanx, Orbitizer
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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
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how psi stock cna support?

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The float should not have any liquid inside but I think you have a bad sender also. Fluid in the float should cause the gauge to read consistently low since it isn't floating as high as it should be.
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Originally Posted by Orbitizer View Post
Is this the cause of this WIERDNESS?
Might be the cause of "WIERDNESS".
As others stated, absolutely no liquid belongs in the float.
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