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Default Crank/Camshaft seal installation tools

Timing belt is coming up soon, and I'm planning on replacing the front seals while I'm in there. I've already purchased new seals from my local Volvo dealer.

Any thoughts on seal installation tools? Or can you get by without them?
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You can get by without them if you are careful. I have done so many and hope to replace more belts so I bought the tools. They are nice and the tools are still sold by venders like Baum tools and Volvo sells them too.

If you don't use the tools. Be sure to clean the surfaces very well so the lip of the seal doesn't get damaged going on to the shafts.
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Originally Posted by billkaz View Post
seal installation tools?
Mechanic's Pick and Hook Set works fine for removing seals there.

I've used plastic/metal pipe whose outer diameter just covers outer metal area where seal seats, so seal is flush with its housing when done. I've done this for years with other vehicles, including FWD vehicles (CV shaft seals). It should not take much hammer pressure, but it needs to be uniform across pipe used.
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Robert DIY sells a version of the seal installation tools. I've done the job with and without the tools. I prefer putting new seals in with the tools.
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Best low $ tool I've seen to pull the seals from the engine is a paint can lid opener...... tiny hook on the business end is perfect for reaching in beside the rotating shaft. User end looks a bit like a beer bottle opener Damned amazing quick removal!

I had a machinist buddy lathe up the proper sleeve to install the new ones; uses the center bolt to pull the seal into position.

OEM gray Volvo types..... I won't install the red Elring ones again, leak prone.
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I have all of these seal tools. A nice square installation compared to the shaft makes the seal last longer.
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