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Default Volvo 240 M47 Drivetrain

Decided to go ahead and make a new thread.

So for a while now the gearshift has been super wobbly and even at times going uphill in 1 or 3 the tranny will even come out of gear from the movement. I figured without a doubt my guibo was shot but after further assessment i saw minimal cracks and when grabbing the shaft to check play at guibo, it was solid. Ill post pics for you guys opinion. UPDATE** (zooming in on the pics guibo cracks seem alittle more significant. Ive thoroughly looked into it and the guibo seems expensive and hard to get a good reliable one..not junk)


The engine mounts and tranny mount have been replaced and the center bushing is still solid with little play. Over time i have felt the difference in the drivetrain. I have been dealing with clunks and over time i have felt the loss of power and pull. Definite instability in the driveshaft. (I replaced TAB and still got clunk and “whirl sound” so definite ujoint, everything’s s been replaced except panhard and ujoints)

After further assessing and measuring the rear ujoint at differential seemed solid for the most part and measured 3” i believe, not the larger 3-3/16”

The middle ujoint had significant play but everything was still intact, retaining clips and no caps pushing through uneven, etc. The measurement for this was the smaller 2 5/8”

At this point i feel the middle u joint is all that needs replacing. Since i will be removing the whole assembly..the ujoints and center bushing may be all I replace as it makes the most sense.

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