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Default Microsquirt in 87-240 n/a on hall sensor

So I have a 1987 Volvo 244 GL that is running on a hall sensor from the distributor to a microsquirt which I installed. I had a guy come in from out of town to help me tune the car and finish up to make sure everything was alright. We then had the car running and went to check time on the harmonic balancer. The harmonic balancer is rubber and the center of the dampener was shot so I replaced the harmonica balancer with one from a 1991 240 LH 2.4 the next day without my buddy here the next day.

Just before he left that night we did a firmware update and it wiped the system, after replacing the harmonic balancer the next day I reloaded MS tunerstudio on the updated firmware. He then sent me the file of what we had the car running on before the update.

Car now won't stay running enough set time and I think the starter is going out because when my huge battery is fully charged and my other 1992 240 is on it with cables it will turn over a few times then about kill the whole system and car hardly responds and kills all voltage and battery say charger says the battery is almost dead.

Just replaced starter last month and it sounds like a raspy whine.

I just want to know how to set distributor because if I line up everything and set to tdc it still won't fire 100%.


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You need to talk with the guy that setup your MS and figure it out with him. If it was running before harmonic balancer replacement, it should run just the same as after replacement. The only difference is that a timing light may show a different timing. The timing reference for MS comes off the disti pickup, not the balancer.

That being said, I'll go ahead and guess. First off, you need to get the slow cranking / big battery drain issue figured out. If the starter windings are shorting out, MS won't be happy.

Next, I'll assume you have a LH2.2 hall distributor. You should set engine to TDC and align the center of the rotor to the alignment groove on the edge of disti (next to hall connector). This is needed so that when MS fires the spark, the spark goes to the correct plug.

In MS, there's a Trigger Wizard that you use to adjust the MS timing calibration while looking at the balancer mark with a timing light. IIRC, the "Ignition Offset Angle" is about 55° for LH2.2 using "Trigger Return" spark mode.
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