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Default B230fk + Borg Warner K28

So... as the title suggests I have a B230fk and a Borg Warner K28 turbo.....

(the k28 for those not in the know, is a turbo used regularly on rather large diesel engines anywhere from 6 to 12L)

my question to you turbo wizards out there is:
Would such a massive turbo spool up? is there a way to calculate the spool and or efficiency of said combo?
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It's Borg Warner not KKK?
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All i know is it says Borg Warner K28 on the turbo housing

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Wilford Brimley
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Aren't they the same? Bw/kkk

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Easiest way to roughly estimate how it spools and what kind of power can be expected is knowing a couple of things. Compressor intake side size, turbine(exhaust) housing size, turbine extruder(outlet) size, what type of exhaust manifold and is the engine stock or modified.

BW and KKK are basically the same. I think KKK as a name has been dropped(?) and models live on.

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