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Dan Stokes
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Default Tach Adaptor

I know that making Volvo tachs work with V8s and other odd applications has been discussed on here before but I have a weird situation and, I think, a different solution.

You may recall that the BluePrint 347 SBF that I'm putting in an '83 245 came from BP with an EZ-EFI and a full MSD ignition including their billet distributor. The tach SNAFU comes from the fact the tach wire from the MSD has to go, unimpeded, to the EZ-EFI as it's speed signal. If I "T" into that tach wire the tach begins to work for a second but the engine promptly shuts off just like you switched the key off. A call to EZ-EFI (now a part of Comp Cams) confirmed that that wire can't be messed with. Curses. After trying several things I found that Dakota Digital makes a universal tach adaptor that allows virtually any tach to work with any pulse train input. It can be adjusted for any number of cylinders from 1 to 16 and pretty much anything that pulses, even (with an adaptor) the alternator (might help in a Diesel swap). The only tricky part might be calibrating it to something but the EZ-EFI has a hand held tuner that has an RPM readout so I can make the 2 agree and I'm in tall cotton.

I may be able to take a pulse from one of the EFI injectors or maybe even take the tach signal as it would use no power (the universal tach adaptor is powered independently), just the pulse. I have it hooked up in a test configuration and I'll get back to y'all and let you know how it works out. The adaptor is about $80 so not cheap but it might solve an issue for one of you.

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