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Old 05-30-2017, 12:15 PM   #1
Kapitän Klugscheißer
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Default Exhaust of Sweden / Sweden Exhaust / Custom Parts Service AB

Anyone here ever dealt with them? Looking for some help.

Long story short, I purchased some of their product after being referred to them and seeing some of their stuff perform firsthand. They're saying they haven't received my money despite me confirming the bank/payment information multiple times.

Not trying to put them on blast but at the same time I'm now at almost 3 months of "We will check into this" and I'm really not looking to get Robert Jackson/MVP'd...

Have already been trading E-Mails/phone calls but I'm just wondering if there's something else I can or need to do. Can't talk to them on the book of faces as I have no account, and I'd probably just be ignored there, too.
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Old 05-30-2017, 03:15 PM   #2
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Try sending them an email threatening to cancel payment?
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Old 06-14-2017, 10:45 PM   #3
Kapitän Klugscheißer
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Location: Varies

Did that - I'd either like the product I ordered or my money back at this point; I've conveyed that a lot more amicably to them, of course. I hate being nasty.

Part of the Problem is they're just plain not responding anymore.
Insert MVP/RSI Joke Here.

Here's some of their social.

Probably some Instasnapwhatever floating around too but I don't do any of that.

Some updates saying they're super busy as of late yadda yadda. I wouldn't doubt it. Again, seen their work perform firsthand, thought it was good. Yet to receive my stuff after 3 months now.
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