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Default Cost and difficulty of + T a b30

i have seen a few threads on turboing a b30 but none go into much detail regarding the process of actually doing it and how much such a project would cost.

i have just rebuilt a b30 with some performance upgrades (port polish, k cam, electric fan)

this will do for now but I'm sure ill find the lust for more power in a year or two.

if anyone can help with this would be strongly appreciated. ideally id like to swap 2jz into it however that might be too much work it depends on the cost benefit analysis of b30+t vs 2jz

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Originally Posted by B-lennium View Post
Ah lots of things happened!

The engine I build with the kg17 cam did make crazy power 3500-6500rpm. Driving it daily became a challenge so did fuel consumption! I chased my tail trying to cure a weird stumble half throttle, never fixed it :(

I finally sold the engine and tried to fit an 7mge toyota engine in there. I did kinda fit but now way power steering or brakes would never going to happen.

Now I daily drive the car with a b30 high compression (10,5) and a D cam I had laying around. With a nice tune, semi sequential injection timing and wasted spark ignition the car drivers really nice. I used the cps cam sensor and the coilpack from a 7mgte engine. The engine is plenty powerful for daily driving. A m410 and 3,91 axle make for a pretty fast lump of steel. Not as fast as the kg17 engine but way way better fuel consumption (8 to 9 km on 1 liter) and when 1 liter of fuel is €1,70 thats important!
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