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Default best shocks and struts for a 89 245

hey folks just wondering what everyone's opinions of the best shock/strut combo is, I currently am running the ipd lowering springs, 25fr/23r anti sways, front strut tower brace, as well as lower front chassis bracing. I'm looking at either the HD's or the koni sports, but am open to other options.

also on a related note, I'm having some highish speed (110 to 125kph or around 65 to 85 mph the american folks ) harmonic vibration and just got the alignment checked and wheels weighted and so all of that should be good but I'm wondering If blown/going struts and worn/dead bushings could contribute to this

thanks in advance
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Old 06-19-2017, 07:47 AM   #2
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Re valved HD's work well but you need suitable struts to put them in.

No experiance of Koni but I dont like how they adjust.

I stock GAZ adjustable inserts http://www.classicswede.co.uk/Adjust..._16659585.aspx

As to your vibration check all steering joints and bushes, wear in these items can result in vibrations
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Because of your springs you'd need revalved HDs like classicswede said, which is going to cost more. Konis might be able to adjust up to what you need but I don't have any personal experience there, someone else should.
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I have that same setup with strut to firewall braces and no strut tower to strut tower brace. I'm running stock Sachs struts. The ride is harsher than the stock springs were, but it handles much better. I'm overall happy, but on bigger bumps it is pretty hard. I'm not sure if the car is bottoming on the bump stops or if I'm being overly picky.

Long story short, I'm overall happy with my stock replacement Sachs struts with IPD lowering springs and 25/23 sway bars.
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