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Old 07-24-2004, 02:48 PM   #1
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Default 3 inch down pipe

does anybody know of a place online or near sacramento that i could get a 3 inch down pipe for a 740 with a t3 mounting flange....i want to do a new exhaust that includes 3 inch dp, 3 inch hiogh flow cat and then dump it right in front of the right rear tire. 3inch all the way.
1989 740 turbo... k and n ram air, tdo515g at 15psi, homemade mbc, 3 inch exhaust( 3 inch high flow cat, with side exit right in front of the right rear, no mufflers, nothing but flow)
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Old 07-24-2004, 03:14 PM   #2
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Default 3 Inch Exhaust

Anyone tried here?

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From looking around I think that most places can get you a high flow cat but the rest would have to be fabbed. If you find somewhere that has those part tell me because I want to do the same thing with mine.
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Originally Posted by tedium
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Default Make your own?

I made my own downpipe and full 3" exhaust.

Before I started the project, I had zero welding skills and had never done more than replace a muffler.

I bought some mandrel bends from JC Whitney, cut them and welded them.

I also got an O2 sensor and bung from Summit Racing.

So, I think you'd have to keep the T3 flange you hopefully have already (or get one) and fab the downpipe from that point backward. That's what I did with my Mitsu; I used the flange already in the car, cut it about 1.5" back from where it mounts to the turbo, and used the pre-made bent pipes I'd bought to make the rest of the system.

It was about a 20-hour project for me because it was my first time. I know you could do it if you wanted.
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