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Default 242 Build

The project originally started out as a 245 then in 2003 I decided to switch to a 242. I've been working on it off and on when I'm home from school the past couple years. I'm just going to start off with the work that's taken place since springbreak 2005.

-align honed mains, decked for .030 squish
-2nd oversize stock pistons, balanced
-stock rods resized, cyrotreated, new hardware, balanced
-reground crank, balanced
-bmw oil piston squirters
-meling oil pump

Cylinder Head:
-398 SCP
-port & polished, unshrouded exhaust valves
-40mm exhaust valves, stock intake valves
-K cam

Turbo Setup:
-Holset HY35
-Powerstroke intercooler
-SS header from Jonathan(Stereophile33)
-XS RFL blow off valve
-3 inch exhaust (half of it from Doug's old car!)

-front coilovers 315 lb springs
-rear coilovers 250lb springs
-revalved/shortened Bilsteins (towery's specs)
-Kaphlenke camber plates
-IPD adjustable torque rods
-adjustable panhard rod (homemade)
-poly bushings from Dale (245gti)
-new rotors, calipers, pads, ss lines, master cylinder, junction block

-93 Cobra T5 tranny
-Pro5.0 short shifter
-custom Spec stage 2+ clutch/pp (Volvo pp and clutch with the T5 spline)
-3 inch aluminum driveshaft

-EDIS with Ford coil pack
-Ford CFI injector's
-walbro pump

B21 block fresh from the machine shop

Notice the spots machined for the squirters

Sprayed the garage down with a hose to keep the dust down

Test fitting the squirters

rods, pistons, oil pump installed

finished short block

the light! (40mm exhaust valve)

seam welding

painted bay

preparing to drop in the motor

ready to go in

motor in, test fitting header with junk head

body still needs a lot of work

engine bay

The new motor has been run through 3 sessions of stealth's run in procedure. When I was almost finished with the 3rd session I blew a freeze plug. I wasn't sure if this was due to the coolant system getting pressurized from a slight leak in the headgasket or if the machine shop installed the freeze plugs incorrectly. The blown freeze plug was replaced with one of the rubber expandable plugs and the head gasket replaced. If another one blows the motor is coming out and all of the plugs are going to be replaced(JB will be involved). The motor did sound great and sounded really smooth after the 2nd session.
I'm heading back to Colorado tomorrow, so I won't see the car for a few months. The plan is to get a bunch of little parts needed while I'm away. Hopefully get the car painted over springbreak or the beginning of summer. Once the body is painted the 93 block cloth interior(that's sitting in the basement) is going in the car. Then a few test drives (I smell Missouri) and if all goes well it'll get registered.
1983 245DL, 2011 WRX, 1978 SR500
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