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Default 740 NA: Clean Slate for Something More?


Might presently be moving from whiteblock land into a 1990 base 740 (B230F). Mint condition throughout; and looks to be a deal which'd be pretty hard to pass up. However, it likely will require a fistful of sweat-equity to bring all up to normal functional standards on a couple of points.

Pluswise, I like the fact that the 230F is a non-interference design; and that most wearing parts for the mill are still being offered. Even the near-bulletproof AW trans seems to be well supported, nearly 30 years out. Love the body integrity. Good stuff.

So, after taking a look at what the Swedish hill people do to some of these things without immediately throwing a rod,


I couldn't help but think there may be some relatively straightforward mods which might allow one to merge and pass on US freeways without constantly taching the poor little redblock out.

To that end, I'm looking at getting a good bit more pull in the 3KRPM range. Indeed, I found this cam set over @ IPD which looks promising as a start:


Bumping about, I've also gleaned that a 60mm (2.5") exhaust system will help a bit, too; but can't find headers anywhere for the 230 on this side of the pond (help?). Matter of fact, apart from the aforementioned cam kit, I can't find much of anything off-the-shelf for this car in the US which would give it the needed beans.

As an aside, I'm trying to stay out of turboland for now; as the required internal refits would be beyond my workspace/tool means at this juncture. In a nutshell, just looking for basic, modern roadworthiness with perhaps a bit of fun thrown in on top

So, any hints/sources for mods/parts which could put this trusty NA somewhere between leaving a trail of slime on the driveway in the morning and full-out rally insanity would be much appreciated.

Thanx in advance!
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