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Default 850 turbo powered rock cawler

he guys, new to your forum and have spent hours delving though hundreds of posts and figure this might be easier to just ask.
the specs on my new rock crawler
95 850 turbo motor, (completely stock except a tune) ARD did the tune and deletes for me
deletes include ; egr
secondary air system
evap system
vss input
ambient pressure sensor
intake air temp
accelerometer sensor
tank pressure sensor
top speed limiter

the transmission is a full manual th350 with an atlas transfer case. I am running a kl racing white block adapter to th350 and will be running a deeworks flex plate to th350 toque converter adapter. This rig is strictly off road only and will be used in rock crawling competitions where reliability is paramount to complete each course
I have had my engine harness stripped down to achieve a stand alone style harness

the questions i have are
1 do i have to run the turbo vacuum solenoid or is there a way to dumb it down without a huge cost ?
2 i will be running a catch can and was going to plug the drain hole in the lower pat of the
block then run the other 2 vent lines (one out of the valve cover and the other one in the
block) to the catch can, which is vented. is this possible ?
3 what is the very minimum of vacuum line i have to run? please be very specific
4 engine oil cooler,, i do have room (limited) to run a cooler (tube heatsink style) but is it
truly necessary ?

thanks for your help in advance cheers tom

my build is on instagram under fj401ton
tried posting pics but just not that smart

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Hey cool build.
I think you are on the right track, I am also trying to configure my 850 engine to rwd, I know you do not need to run the tcv.
PCV you could even just leave stock one mounted and vent that, I wouldn't recommend plugging a port though these engines really like to breathe freely. Oil cooler is universal, hose clamp it, only if you have some Mercedes hose clamps.
1987 Hilux 2wd
1981 Rx7
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