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M.H. Yount
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Default Replacing entire fuel system

Decided it was time for a change. I'll be putting a Deatschwerks 300 L/Hr in-tank pump in the car and completely re-plumbing the system. The Ford engine has supply/return connections on the front/passenger side of the compartment. So I'm doing away entirely with the Volvo fuel pumps/lines/filter (firewall) -- and replacing it with a system that runs up the passenger side of the car. It'll start with the fabrication of a new tank-top using .0625" aluminum plate. -6AN bulkhead fittings will attach to that -- and from there I'll run Push-Tite series 8000 textile-braided hose to the front for supply and return. I'll mount a Russell 10 micron Profilter up front some place I can easily access to change the paper element. Not in a big hurry - so this one will take a week or two (or three -- I just retired and seem to not be in a hurry for anything). This set up should handle the LS3 I ultimately want to put in the car, and also make room for a pair of mufflers on either side of the car ahead of the rear axle.

Starts by rough cutting the aluminum plate to a 90mm size (a bit more than 3.5"). I'll trim it for a perfect fit once I've removed the existing in-tank pump assembly and can measure more carefully. I went to the Pull-A-Part to see if I could modify a factory tank-top --- but once I saw how the compression ring holds it in -- it was easier to simply cut a piece of aluminum.

'82 242 6.2L; '17 Mazda3; '16 CrossTrek

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