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Never tried Faygo.
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Originally Posted by districtmotors View Post
Any of you guys like any new cars out there?
Of course. I love the Mercedes CLA45 AMG. I am waiting on the next one and if it is what I think it will be, I may buy one. 400 HP and a 26 pound boost, yes please. Or a used Maserati Granturismo.

I like cars with you know, 8 airbags, crumple zones, modern crash test scores, modern technology, etc.

I am not going to drive my family around in a car from the 80s, or 90s. A hobby is one thing, but safety is another.
There is zero chance that he will reply directly to anything that you posted. You are better off ignoring him. Youíll never convince him of any argument because as he isnít a real person. Heís a personality and a waste of time. Deepfried is not a person, he is a waste of time troll. Ignore him before he wastes more of your life.


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