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Default 940 B230FK Breather System.

Greeting all, first post here so please be gentle ;)

I've recently got involved with a 1996 940 'Classic' B230FK on a mere 86k and I'm working my way round some maintenance stuff. I've recently cleaned and cleared the breather system but plan to have another run at it for a couple of reasons...

1. I'd like to take some more large hi-res pictures for the purposes of creating a 'How to' so others can follow a guide if they need to.

2. Whilst I did blast the pipework/Y-piece and box through with carb cleaner, I cleaned the breather system as an impromptu afterthought whilst removing the throttle body and as such didn't have a replacement 0-ring to fit at the time (I now do)

Also I didn't get much of a chance to clean the mini oil slick around the base of the breather box...

SAM_6807 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152293344@N05/]

Presumably this has occurred on the basis of an improper seal to the block at the base of the separator/breather box itself as the box showed no signs of leaks further up or on any of the pipework and had no cracks etc.

My plan is to remove the lot again, clean everything for a second time taking pics as I go. RE the oil slick at the base of the box on the block, it's baked on good and hard...

Best course of action seems to me to be to block the two holes for the pump gear and rubber drain ports carefully with small rags/blue roll to avoid anything dropping down there and then clean /scrape the oily area round them with rags soaked in white spirits?

Any thoights on this approach chaps?
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It can def be caused by lack of seal. Your method sounds ok. Careful as that pipe on the left is typically pretty brittle after it's been heat cycled and it can break easily.

It also might just be easiest to clean it all and then just change your oil?
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Also welcome, and consider that many of the aftermarket breather boxes end up bursting. So good on you for clean and re-use.
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Also the pipe on the left is the one where the separated oil returns and it gets baked on inside the hose and clogs. Try to make sure it is clear.
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I was scared to touch the tube because I read it could fall into the engine.

My catch can is not getting a lot of oil tbh. Maybe its clogged...
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