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Originally Posted by KeizerBrickGuy View Post
The Four Seasons compressors are good. I'm pretty sure I can find you a discount code to save on one if you need.
Summer and hot weather is coming to an end here. The car will be parked in a garage over winter weather as to avoid salt. I am planning on compressor replacement during the time parked.

I had a look at her compressor today and after fiddling around with the intake hose, I was able to find a label for the compressor that was installed way back when. It's a remanned unit that was filled with pag46 on 07/12/2001. No wonder why it leaks, heard lots of bad about the remanned units. Other label says it was remanned for RAMAC, PN 860134R. That pulls up a Seltec unit, but I was under the impression that stock was a Sanden. It heavily resembles a Sanded SD5 variant.

So, question is, Seltec or Sanden, or Four Seasons? Vehicle will be getting yet another new R/D, orifice tube, and full flush of all components. It will be using R12 or ES12A, NOT R134a.

Here is the Seltec unit that the PN pulls up

Four Seasons unit on amazon
EDIT: the compressor PN on the Four Seasons is DKS15BH. I had posted the clutch PN. DKS15BH is the original Seltec (Diesel Kiki) part number, so perhaps Four Seasons is selling Seltec units with their name on it. If that is the case, Four Seasons should be fine as I'd imagined.

And there's also a generic SD5 unit, there are a few different SD5s though, not sure which is compatible.
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