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James M
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Originally Posted by IansPlatinum View Post
No! keep the original steelies! the 75-79ish steelies are a different design, rare, and stronger than later steelies. They perfectly complement the 70s aesthetic of an avocado green station wagon

At the very least, sell them to me....
I was told to throw them in the ocean, but I guess I'll keep them. I've got quad square era beauty rings, if I find a set of early hub caps to match ill think about throwing them back on.
I really forgot how much different the 70s 240 is from 80s, same car yes but totally different feel inside and out

Originally Posted by 122power View Post
you can flow test those injectors also. Need 4 pop bottles and be able to lift air door on fuel dizzy.
Much better then my solution of pulling the injector, cranking and watch it "spray" all over the valve cover.

Put a full tank of gas in it today and took it down the highway, man do I miss overdrive. Tanked Siena into learning manual so it will likely get an M47 if I can figure out a Spedo solution.

Temp gauge went up quite a bit, anyone know what temp I should see with an IR thermometer at the housing/head? It's got a new water pump, thermostats opening and heater works. Pretty sure all the air is out by now so I'm beginning to not trust the gauge. PO had an aftermarket one installed and the original wire cut so it seems he didn't trust it either...

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hmm maybe 180 to 190 with a heat gun? Check the runners on the ex manifold also. Should all be pretty close ish. Cast iron glows at 890f or so lol.
Yeah just have to power the pumps on while you lift the air door.
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Save the Volvo's.

Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post


"Do you work on Volvo ...

*Click - bzzzzzz*
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James M
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I was getting 204° off the head, runners 1 and 4 on the exhaust where about 100° above 2&3 so definitely lean there. None close to glowing (all around 5-600) but I did get my 90+ and TD06 hotside to glow once in my wagon. Pulled the Injectors and soaked them in diesel fuel system cleaner, then backflushed with poorly with the same cleaner and breakclean.

Two now spray a mist, one sprays a few small streams with a good bit of pressure but one still dribbles a little. Time to watch more Bosch CIS training videos from before I was born.

Going to clean them again and or install the second set I bought, as far as the temp I'm thinking tropical thermostat and install my R-Sport cluster....for diagnostic purposes of couse, don't want a faulty gauge giving a bad reading.
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Love the color! I recently sold a set of new injectors for cheap, wish I knew ya needed them.
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I just sent 3 his way today! Hope this solves this issue!
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