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Default Amazon wheel fit and tire size.

Sorry if this has been beat to death. I've read some older threads but was hoping for some reassurance before I spend money. I have the opportunity to buy some good wheels for my 67 Amazon project. According to the owner, they are 16x8, et25, 5x114.3. From what i've read, these should fit. I know I may have to have the hub bore opened up a bit, and i'll probably have to trim or roll the fender lips. 7" seems to be the widest ideal width for aftermarket wheels for these cars so I may be reaching to get these under. I'd have to drive a ways to get them and the owner doesn't seem able to get me any more information on them. I guess my questions are...

1. With the offset and width, will they sit okay within the confines of the fenders?
2. What would a recommended tire size be?
3. If I went and checked them out, any more measurements or specs I could check on site?
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I'm running a 17x9.5 +5 with a 245/45/17 tire and no rubbing and its lowered 1.5-2" from stock.
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I’m running 17x8 et11 in the front with a 205/45. Could definitely go with a wider tire or less offset. 17x9 fits fine in the rear with a 235/40. The problem with 16s will be tire choices. Not a lot left in that size for cars.
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