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Default 79 244 non turbo to turbo swap

Iíve recently swapped a non turbo with a turbo engine. I donít have the turbo wiring harness and still trying to make it work. Iíve got the car running however their is a small frequency valve or solenoid rather that is connected to the fuel distributor. If I wire 12 volt on a switch Momentarily I can get thE car to run great and go full boost but with a very high idle. Otherwise with out the 12 volts the car barely starts and stays running at idle. Does anyone have an insight on how the turbo harness it set up and how I need to wire up the solenoid so it operates properly like an injector and not continuously which will burn it up. Itís my understanding that this solenoid wires into the temp sensor....is this accurate? Can send photos of solenoid/frequency valve in question via email. Someone help!
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The frequency valve adjusts the mixture at idle, and also provides extra fuel for acceleration and boost. It's controlled by the LambdaSond ECU. If you have a Bentley manual, it shows a couple different variations for turbo boost enrichment. The frequency valve is driven by a varying duty cycle square wave (aka PWM). A simple on-off switch won't work.

Look in for sale - there are a couple threads with K-Jet parts, and at least one of them has some LambdaSond ECUs.

You can also find the "terminal 11 trick" on the non-forum section of turbobricks.com -- http://turbobricks.com/mods.php
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