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I'm not fanatical about keeping things vintage and volvo, but I also don't see a reason to go with something else if the volvo stuff works well.

I may be interested in that cr814 face for the lower cubby... Don't go turning your house upside down looking for it because I'm still leaning towards going headless.

Deoxit works wonders for resurrecting potentiometers. I had a doofus moment and actually disassembled the monster of a power/volume pot for no apparent reason. You can just apply the chemical through the windows and work the wiper back and forth in most cases. Luckily it went back together fine :^)

1992 volvo 240 wagon:
flavor - - - - > black on tan
suspension - - > stock + 23/21mm f/r arb
wheels - - - - > 14x6" enkei 92 + 215/70R14
drivetrain - - > M47 + 3.31 + open diff
engine - - - - > B230F + 2.5" exhaust
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