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Question Putting S60R front brakes on a 940


I need bigger brakes of my brick but the S60R don't fit with all wheel.

I have MK18 8.5x18 ET06 with 215/35 I go to 225/35 and I don't want up the car I like the level

A priori with the S60R calipers and MK18 wheels I need 20mm spacers but I don't want to pull the fenders, cut them inside ok but I'm afraid it won't work.
I would like to keep the current height of the car even if I have to load rims but in this case which 8.5x18 or 17" fit with the S60R calipers ?

My project: www.facebook.com/Volvo.940.Sleeper.Project
Sorry for my English

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No one of the board at make this modification ?
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Back in late 2003, early 2004 when I was working on adding these to my 240, Travis Kijowski of Strictly Volvo Racing (SVR) in Maryland developed the first set of adapters. He had a 940, so he adapted a set of 240 front strut tubes to his 940 to make them work. Pretty sure some of his work must have been posted in discussions here. His brother Todd was 'tenacious todd' here on TB.
Some deep searching might find info.
Dave B

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The S60R calipers will fit with the MK18's

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Seems like you have already fitted the brakes...? If not, there are adapter available.
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I have nothing to install or even buy anything for the moment and that's exactly why I'm looking for as much information as possible to know if I'm going to be bored or not.
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Originally Posted by classicswede View Post
The S60R calipers will fit with the MK18's
So for sure someone can buy some MK18's and they will fit without spacers on a car with R brakes. 240 specifically?

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