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I've got the rears installed and I'm happy with them. FINALLY putting the rear suspension back together tomorrow. Boxed the control arms, polyurethane bushings, Bilstein HD's, adj torque rods, and back from the powdercoater. Hoping for a shake down this weekend and front installation shortly after(next week). I didn't make an "arrangement" with the plans for the front adapters so Dean(the machinist) owns them and I'm not sure of his plans to make additional sets. High quality, nice work, nice & knowledgeable guy to work with...I just didn't start the conversation the right way.
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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Just curious - any of you guys look into CEIKA or StopTech kits? I know the initial investment is fairly high, but they (CEIKA anyway) can make kits for ANY setup, you just have to provide them with the checklist of measurements they need (if no-one has previously had them made). I've used CEIKA for my Volvos, and my X1/9. The quality is there, and they have a better pad contact area than Wilwood - at least, any Wilwood I've seen put on a Volvo or Fiat :D

My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm Feedback Thread
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