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Default Retrofitting of A/C

Hi as I'm sure you guys are well aware this topic has been well covered with respect to 240s (Dave Bartons write up was excellent as well as a few others on TB) however I feel im in deep water when it has come to fitting entirely new parts to a 164. I have a couple questions that hopefully someone may be able to assist with.

- what size fitting do the late 240 evaporators take (ie the aluminium one for r134a) I know the the big line is a 32mm nut but not sure what this is in ac terms and also the smaller line coming out.

- also using a sanden style sd508 (supposed to be for a Jeep Wrangler) which I believe is the same as a 240 compressor. does anyone know the fitting sizes for these.

-where would I mount an orifice tube(is there a way to know which type is suited to my setup) and where to mount a high pressure cut out (the low is already in the 240 gm style drier receiver)

- I assume that wiring the cut off switches just involves wiring them to the compressor so that they will cycle it on or off due to varying pressure

- will an A/C shop be able to work out the required amount either freon or HC required given the system doesnt have a known capacity since the parts are essentially universal...

as its starting to get hot down under im very eager to get this all together. this is essentially the last step.

I hope to recharge with a hc refrigerant as from what ive read it is much more efficient and despite going for a parallel flow condenser I could only fit a 21x12 inch one due to restricted space on the 164 facia.

to answer a question from my last post I have taken the advice that I was given and gone to a hydraulic shop rather than an a/c shop and they were much more willing to help so looks like it may be a good option. I can get a quote once I find out the fittings I need.


(I hope this is posted in the correct section)
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Thought someone would have offered advice by now. Ok. I'll chime in. The evaporator, compressor and condenser are all standard sizes and the same sizes used in my AC conversion page.

I can't offer an answer about an orifice tube. No experience building that type of AC. Mine uses a TXV.
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I think ive sorted my fitting sizes with my new drier as it had hex plugs on it which identify the size of the low pressure side

yes the orifice tube has me a little confused I would imagine it would would move around a rubber line. im not sure whether its seal holds it in place
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