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Default Any other seals besides valve cover gasket?

Hey all,
I blew what I believe to be a valve cover gasket last night, there is oil literally spitting out of the top of the engine towards the back. Not being able to actually see back there, I'm lead to believe that this is a valve cover gasket blowing due to a clogged flame trap. Could it also be a cam seal?

I've tried searching for a diagram or picture to no avail. All I know for sure is that in that circular area, it's blowing oil like a blowhole.
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Rear cam seal could be pushed out.
Feedback thread https://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=144924

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Originally Posted by Awaffa2003 View Post
there is oil literally spitting out of the top of the engine towards the back
Back side pic here

Get a new one of this: VICTOR REINZ 940096
and install it
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One of these may be worthwhile install while you're back there too:


However, I'd make sure your PCV system isn't blocked, as with this escape avenue blocked, it's one less thing to blow before the rear main starts to leak because of crankcase pressure.
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Change them both since you're there.

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